Dear Festival Family,

We are embroiled in a very public struggle about the Festival's intention to create self-defined space for WBW. Many of you have asked how you can help. Here is what you can do:

Take care in your conversation on the internet, on Facebook pages, in emails and meetings. I believe we must try our best, as a community, to participate in the energetic antidote to the aggressive rhetoric. Regardless of how heated the discussions may sometimes get, please do your best to honor and support all women and nurture our common ground, in all possible moments, in respectful ways.

Conflict always has unexpected results: sometimes it causes injury, sometimes it brings liberation and often it fuels an unexpected synthesis of seemingly incongruous experiences. Conflict always moves us forward, in our fragility, to whatever lies ahead of us. In that spirit, I ask you to recognize the power of your support for Festival and to stand by her in 2013. If you love the Festival, this is the year to show it. This is the year to come to Michigan. This is the year to bring your friends, your neighbors, and all the folks who have been saying they have wanted to come for years. If you love the Land and want to support the continuation of this vital and amazing community, please do what you can to sustain her and join us this year.

Whether you can be on the land this year or not, if you are able to support the Festival economically, we ask that you consider supporting her in one of the following ways:

  • Purchase a "ticket in spirit" for the 2013 Festival. The ticket goes to no womon – it goes to the spirit of us all, and to the creation of the space for womyn still to come.
  • Purchase a "ticket in memory" for one of our beloved sisters who is no longer able to walk the Land with us. There will be a place to name the womon whose memory you are honoring.
  • Support sliding scale and reduced rate – Pay the top of the scale for your ticket, and/or offer a donation to support Festival's ongoing commitment to reduced rate accessibility for low-income womyn. Your contribution stands with the principles of the MWMF to make this event economically accessible, and will directly help to cover the womyn who cannot possibly attend Festival at the regular rate.
  • Purchase an honorary ticket to the 40th anniversary in a gift amount of $1000/$1500/$2000. You are buying the belief that our shared intention will bring us together on the Land in 2015, and you will receive your ticket in December of 2014.

Sisters I believe now as much as I ever have that the space the Festival holds for our community is vital, precious and beautiful. The Festival will not go on forever, but I know this is not her time to end. Please join me in that belief and show your support towards the continuation of our community in whatever way you are able.

With my love,


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