2015 Crew Material

Adobe Tips


*Important: The crew information and application require the Adobe® PDF Reader. In order to fill in and save the completed application, you will need Adobe Reader® version 8.0 or later. It is free and easy to upgrade from a previous version. You may also need to uninstall earlier versions in order to be able to save your data.

Download your free Adobe® version:
link to download acrobat reader

Tips for Saving Your Completed Application


First, be sure you have Adobe®Reader version 8.0 or later, and that you have uninstalled any earlier versions. Then after you fill in the application, make sure you have saved the completed copy onto your desktop or into a folder where you can easily find it. This makes it possible for you to attach and send us what you've entered. Not saving it sends us a blank form.


Make sure you are opening the PDF in Adobe®Reader and not Preview. Mac's default is often Preview for opening PDF's, and it doesn't work in this instance. If need be, after you have downloaded the form, go to your list of programs, open Adobe® Reader, then through the file drop down menu FIND the downloaded PDF form and open it that way.


In order to fill out the crew application and email it to us from your smart phone or tablet, you will need to install the free Adobe® application, and then open the form in Adobe® (not just directly from your browser or email); to do so, tap or select the form (that is open in your browser or email) and choose 'open in,' then 'Adobe®.' Instructions to open in Adobe® are also within the Adobe® app. Open the links below from your device to get the app.

iPhone and iPad:

link to download acrobat reader


link to download acrobat reader


link to download acrobat reader


You can always print out the application and mail it to us via post. You can even pick up the phone and ask us to mail the information and application to you, fill it out by hand and mail it back to us. So if you're pulling out your hair, or just aren't technical, no worries! Go ahead and ask us to send it to you or print that puppy out.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!!

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