Many women whose work requires continuing education credits (teachers, nurses, academics, coaches, nutritionists, social workers, physical therapists, etc.) have taken advantage of the Festival workshop program to gain CEUs. The One World (Workshop Area) Tent has sign-in and -out sheets to document attendance at the sessions you identify as relevant to your profession. Using your own judgment (or that of your tax advisor), this also means that some or all of your travel and festival fees could be tax deductible.

The 30+, three-to-six-hour Intensive workshops (Tuesday and Wednesday) are led by presenters who have been selected from a pool of applicants. They are frequently women with relevant credentials (authors, academics and experts). Their subjects typically encompass leading edge information and perspectives. Many of the Intensive workshop presenters continue to present one-to-two hour sessions during the remaining four days of the festival (Thursday-Sunday). Anyone planning to attend the festival is also invited to submit one or more workshop applications, all of which are scheduled. As a result, our four-day General Workshop Program ends up including about 200 workshops, creating a fertile educational opportunity. Again, many are relevant to particular professions.

It is, of course, your responsibility to determine which sessions meet the CEU requirements of your particular profession. The Festival will provide you with a CEU form where you can list the session or sessions you plan to attend. It will stay at the One World through the festival so that you can sign-in and out for each session. At the end of the last session you attend, a coordinator will confirm its accuracy with her signature and give it to you to take home. This has worked for women across numerous professions – we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity!


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