Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I audition to perform at the Festival?

A: Send a promotional package and any video or audio recordings to WWTMC by November 1st for the next year's Festival. Late auditions are accepted, but we review materials received by the audition deadline first. Click here for more information.

Q: I think I'd be a great worker, how do I sign up?

A: You can download the application after November 15th at

Q: I'd like to sell my work at the Festival, how do I become a vendor?

A: You can download the application after December 15th at Applications are due February 15th; late applications are accepted.

Q: I'd like to teach an Intensive Workshop. How do I apply?

A: Write or call WWTMC, PO Box 22, Walhalla, MI 49458, (231) 757-4766 and request an Intensive Workshop application. Applications are due November 1st. Late applications are accepted.

Q: I would like to submit my lesbian and/or feminist film to this year's Film Program for consideration. What are the guidelines and where do I send my entries?

A: Please contact Eunice : or 323-680-5849 to coordinate online screenings or for an address to physically submit your film. Deadline for submission is May 1st. Click here for guidelines and more info.

Q: Can I email the Festival questions or register for Childcare, Dart, etc online?

A: Sorry, but the Festival doesn't have the staff to handle the traffic of a public email address. Our website has almost every piece of Festival information you might need, we are happy to mail you information or you are welcome to call (231-757-4766) or write us with any questions. Most registration forms are available online as fillable PDFs - but then you drop them in the mail, old-school: WWTMC, PO Box 22, Walhalla, MI 49458.

Q: What information forms can I print out from this website?

A: You can print and mail in registration forms for: Girls, Boys and Sprouts Childcare; DART (Disabled Access Resource Team); General Workshops; Vendor application; Airport Shuttle and Tickets.

Q: I can only come Wednesday and Thursday. Can I purchase a ticket to come for one or two days in the middle of the week?

A: Unfortunately not. Due to the layout of the Festival, womyn can stay for as long as they like once they've arrived, so we need to structure each length of ticket to cover all remaining days of the Festival following the day of arrival.

Q: I'm 16 years old; can I come to the Festival alone?

A: Anyone holding a child's ticket must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Q: I'm driving, how do I get directions?

A: Driving directions and map to the Festival site are here. You will automatically receive directions with your advance ticket order.

Q: I need to board my dog or cat while at the Festival, any suggestions?

A: Sure, we have information on local kennels.

Q: I want to rent an RV, are there any RV rental places near the Festival?

A: Sure, we have information about local RV rental businesses.

Q: I'm going to be traveling in the area before the Festival, any suggestions as to where I should stay?

A: Sure, we have information on local motels and campgrounds.

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