2015 General Workshops

DrummingEach year, the womyn who attend the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival create the General Workshop Program by organizing workshops. This ensures that the Festival will have an ever-changing program reflecting the interests, views and opinions of the womyn attending the Festival in a particular year. Just because you don't see a certain topic one year doesn't mean that there is no interest in the topic, only that no one offered to facilitate it that year.

Once we receive your workshop registration we assume that you will be purchasing a ticket and attending the event. Festival admission is not waived for general workshop presenters. If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can cancel your workshop.

Occasionally a workshop presenter will have books, records, crafts or other items that they have created and want to make available to the womyn of the Festival. It is important to know that no items can be sold at a workshop or anywhere at the Festival outside of the Vendor area. You can apply for a vendor booth to sell your products if they meet general Vendor area guidelines. Vendor information is available at michfest.com/vendors.

Scheduling your workshop and getting it into the Program:

Please use one workshop form per workshop and type or print clearly - all of your information is important to us! If we receive your workshop application by June 5th, we will pre-schedule your workshop and include it in the Festival Program. If you would like to confirm that we have received your registration, or confirm the day and time your workshop is scheduled, you can phone the Walhalla office after the last week of June (231-757-4766).

If we receive your application after June 5th, your workshop will be scheduled but we cannot guarantee that it will be included in the Festival Program. The womyn attending the Festival will learn about workshops scheduled after the program is printed via posted notices around the Land, and of course, at the One World Workshop Tent.

While at the Festival, if you decide to schedule an additional workshop(s) or want to reschedule your workshop, please speak with the One World staff and they will be happy to assist you. If it is raining, workshops are held where scheduled unless you reschedule at the One World tent. IMPORTANT: If you need to CANCEL your workshop – even at the last minute – let the One World staff know. Please do not take this lightly! It is imperative that you take the responsibility to tell the staff that you will be canceling. Womyn make a significant effort to get to the workshop areas on time and the information you are sharing might mean a great deal to them. If you cancel without due notice or don't show up, it will not only disappoint the womyn attending, it will also affect our ability to schedule your future workshops.


Available by request (check in at One World) Not Available
  • chair for presenter
  • drinking water for presenter
  • paper and pens
  • easels and markers
  • CD player (limited availability)
  • bucket of water for crafts activities
  • assistance with your workshop supplies
  • electricity
  • running water
  • refrigeration
  • photocopying
  • chairs or drinking water for participants
  • wooden floors or indoor space



Yoga Workshop Title: Choose a clear and descriptive one to three-word title for the Program.

Description: Give a brief (10-20 word maximum!) description of your workshop including its format (lecture, discussion, active participation) for the Festival Program's workshop descriptions.

Workshop Locations: Workshops are held (rain or shine) in beautiful, grassy meadows or wooded groves, with varying degrees of privacy. While every effort is made to separate noisy and quiet workshops, we are in the woods and sound does carry. The terrain in each of the areas varies, but it is never absolutely flat and does not provide the "floor-like" space often preferred for movement or sports workshops.

Length: Regular workshops are scheduled daily Thursday through Sunday, typically between 9am and 5pm. Most workshops are one or two hours but you can request longer if you feel your subject or activity warrants it.

Frequency: Most womyn present their workshop once during the Festival. However, attendees often request that presenters offer workshops twice so that they can have more flexibility in their schedule. If you want to offer your workshop twice, we will do our best to fit both times into the schedule. Alternatively, you may choose to offer a workshop series where you present your workshop daily at the same time and place. A series gives womyn a chance to get to know each other and to work together several days in a row.

Volleyball WorkshopAudio Visual Material: If your workshop requires audio-visual equipment support, please fill out the back of the workshop registration with the information for the Media Tent. There are a limited number of spaces for media workshops because there is a great demand for the equipment. We offer DVD projection and can accommodate PowerPoint presentations. Your DVD must be burned in NTSC Region 1 or 0 format (no data files - for example, no QuickTime). For PowerPoint, you must bring your own laptop and the cord to connect it to a 15-pin input. Please let us know at what time during your workshop you will need media and how long that portion of your workshop will last. Media workshops need to end 15 minutes before the next event scheduled in the Media Tent.

Open Reel:
Saturday from noon to 2:00pm is set aside for the Open Reel media program which is created on the land, not in advance with the workshop application. To participate, bring your own woman-written and directed DVD to the One World Tent. The same DVD format requirements described above are necessary. You must have your media piece in hand to schedule it and a legal release must be signed at that time. The Open Reel program is scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Special Needs: If, as a facilitator, you have special needs such as a sign language interpreter for yourself (womyn attending your workshop who need an interpreter can arrange this at the Community Center before the workshop), a foreign language interpreter or assistance of some kind from the One World crew, please describe your need on the application and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Children and Teen Info: The children at Gaia Girl's Camp (ages 5-12), Brother Sun Boys Camp (ages 5-10) and the Teen girls (ages 13-17) love to attend workshops given especially for them. There have even been some great workshops at Sprouts Camp (ages 0-4)! Active, hands-on participation activities are generally more successful with younger children than discussions or presentations. Teenagers appreciate topics that address issues specific to their generation. If you have a workshop to share with the younger folks, please specify what age group you are doing the workshop for, and where you would like to hold the workshop.

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