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Camping sections 
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How many different 'Camping sections' are there? How will I know which one is right for me?

Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:05 pm

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first decide if you want close neighbors (within 5' of your tent), or far into the woods, near or far from children, sober or drinking, close to stages or don't mind catching the shuttle, - It all has to do with the kind of camper you are - Michigan has it all.

Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:14 pm
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I got this from Babs some time ago...

"Okay, here's the scoop on the different camping areas. I get a lot of questions like "I want to camp with other people my age.... which area should I camp in?" Well, there are womyn of every age in almost every camping area (with the exception perhaps of Over 50's and Sprouts Family Camp). I hope the following descriptions are helpful. You can follow along on your map. Even though it's not true, for the sake of this discussion let's assume that on the map, UP = NORTH, LEFT = WEST and so on. Also note that there are only three shuttle drops for the arrival and departure days (at Treeline, Midway, and at Triangle). So if you aren't interested in schlepping your gear a long ways, plan to camp near a shuttle drop. There are special shuttles for DART campers, womyn with small children, over 50s, etc. It will be clear which shuttles go where at the front gate. The wait for shuttles can be quite long. Be patient, drink some water and bring along a snack.

Depending on which shuttle drop you use and where you set up camp, you may be climbing hills or navigating stairs. Allow yourself plenty of time and don't overdo it. The land is 650 acres, which should give you a general idea of the size.

Please note that the attached map is at least one year old. Some venues may have moved. Use this map as a general guide, but remember that over times things on the Land move about! There will be a completely up-to-date map on the back of your packet when you go through Orientation.

RV Camping: If you are camping in an RV of any sort, this is where you camp. Absolutely no tents allowed in RV, for safety reasons. The Festival Web site info on RV Camping. There is a conveniently located section of RV for DART RV campers. This requires pre-registration. See DART information on the Web site or contact the main office.

Bush Gardens: General Camping - Very crowded (especially along the eastern side, bordering Easy Street). It's the closest campground to Night Stage, the kitchen, etc. A fun, all purpose camping area. (Use either Triangle or Midway shuttle stop.)

Crone Heights: General Camping - this is crowded only on the north-east corner (bordering Easy Street). On the west side, along Lois Lane, it's not particularly crowded - and it is very convenient to the shuttle drop (Midway). Crone Heights is another all-purpose camping area. This is ideal if you are camping with a group (you should easily be able to find enough space to circle up).

Solanas Ferns: General Camping - It is convenient to a shuttle drop (at Treeline) and is nice and close to the Twilight Zone. So if you plan to visit the Zone often, but don't wish to actually camp there, this is a good choice. Solanas Ferns is also close to RV, so if you plan to visit your pals in RV a lot, this might be a good choice for you. It is spacious and beautiful.

Jupiter Jumpoff: General Camping - this is at the northwest corner of the map. It is not at all crowded and very beautiful, quiet and rustic. Use Triangle shuttle drop. Jupiter Jumpoff tends to be hilly, so make sure you're not setting up your tent somewhere that will flood if we get heavy rains.

Amazon Acres: Quiet Camping, convenient to a shuttle drop (Midway). You'll meet all sorts of folks in Amazon Acres, as the only qualifying factor is a desire for peace and quiet.

Twilight Zone: The Zone is a fun and often wild place with very relaxed "quiet hours". It is NOT an appropriate place to camp if you have kids in your group. If you would like to party all night long, consider the Zone, which is known for its nocturnal activities and high noise levels. If BDSM is your scene, the Zone is the place for you. Be prepared to respect the boundaries between the different kinds of activities housed in the Zone, i.e. the play parties are clean & sober activities. Also, if you plan to camp here, it might be a shorter trip to skip the shuttle system and schlep your gear directly from your parked car to your camping area. Do tell the parking goddesses that you'd like to park as close to the Zone as possible. Please do not post on the boards looking for details about the BDSM part of the Zone. Our boards are (sadly) monitored by the religious right and they love nothing more than taking our posts out of context and using them for their own nefarious purposes.

Over 50's: This is for womyn over 50 and their pals. No kids, please. There is a special shuttle which will take you directly from orientation to Over 50's and there are "helping hands" to assist you with set up if you need the help. If you’re part of a large group and only one or two of your members is over 50, please select a general camping area to reserve this small space for the crones among us.

Sprouts: For families with small children; convenient to childcare.

Bread & Roses: Chem-Free. No drinking or drugs; for womyn who are clean and sober. Bread & Roses is very convenient to the Triangle and many of the drumming workshops (actually, most all of the workshops). Tobacco smoking is allowed in Bread & Roses – just use common sense and ask the womyn around you before you light up. Use the Triangle shuttle drop.

DART/Mother Oak: For disabled womyn and their tentmates. A cozy, convenient (and crowded) camping area which requires pre-registration (send a SASE to the main office requesting information). There is a shuttle which runs directly from Orientation to DART, and "helping hands" are available for unloading and setting up.

Deaf - HoH Camping: There is also a small section of camping near the intersection of Womb Way and Easy Street reserved for Deaf/HOH womyn, if you are Deaf/HOH and wish to meet, network, or hang out with other Deaf/HOH womyn, this is a good place to start. This location sometimes changes from year to year – please ask at Orientation before you set up camp. Look for the signs (pun intended)!

Scent-free camping is located near the parking lot, near tree line. It is monitored by the womyn camping there. It is a quiet place to camp. Remember, however, if you are chemically sensitive there is no way to completely avoid scents, wood smoke, fumes from shuttle vehicles, etc.

Brother Sun: For families with boys who are attending Brother Sun Camp. All moms with boys in Brother Sun camp in the family camping area adjacent to Brother Sun. Brother Sun is beyond RV camping and is served by its own shuttle. “Bro So boys” NEED to be registered in advance. They cannot be at the festival without pre-registration.

Also..... Make note of where the showers and portajanes are located. Some people like to be close to these conveniences... others prefer to be far away. Give some thought to where you might like to camp before you leave for festival. You should make your decision based on how

close you want to be to activities, whether you want privacy or close neighbors, whether you want a quiet or loud neighborhood, if you want to be in a specifically sober area or not, etc. You can spend time trekking about when you arrive to find a spot that suits you just right. There are many short cuts through the woods (you can see many of them on the map). So, for example, the walk from Amazon Acres to the kitchen is quite short if you take "Old Workshop Walk" (a trail) instead of "Lois Lane" (the main road).

If you're trying to hook up with old friends, consider pre-arranging a meeting at a specific place and time. Otherwise, it can be very difficult to find one another (4000 womyn, 650 acres... you do the math). There is a message board (at Triangle) which can be useful for this purpose. One year I planned to camp with friends who had traveled from other areas. We decided on our general camping area in advance. I arrived first and set up camp, then went to the Triangle message board and left very specific instructions on how to find our site and it worked! Of course the year before that it took me a day and a half to find my girlfriend due to her inability to draw a damned map..... Heh.

This is a lot of information. I hope you're not feeling overwhelmed. These are the things I wish I had known before attending my first festival. My thinking is that if you know what to expect, you can hit the ground running. Instead of spending two days trying to figure out where the kitchen is, you can jump right in and have the time of your life."

Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:36 pm
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Thank you very much for the info! It will help a great deal!!

Sun Jun 08, 2014 5:03 pm

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also, check out the Tips for First Timers

Sun Jun 08, 2014 5:04 pm
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