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Where are you camping? 
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Joined: Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:04 pm
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This thread 'Logistics' is pretty bare, so I thought I would begin a new topic for any newcomers looking for information.

Where do you camp? And why?

I camp in Bread & Roses, the sober/chem free area behind triangle. Not only am I comfortable that there is no drug or alcohol use in the space, it is right by the showers, janes, triangle hub of the land, fire pit, movies, shuttle, workshops, open field for star gazing late night.

What more can you ask for?

Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:31 pm

Joined: Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:04 pm
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Oh and right near drum central!!!! How could I forget falling asleep, waking up and napping to the sounds of womyn drumming. Heartbeat of the land.

Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:32 pm

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I camp in the Twilight Zone. If you've never been (and/or never camped there), don't be scared! Lots of super fun women camp there. It IS loud late into the night (I'm pretty sure I was awake for the sunrise almost every day last year :) but the upside of that is it's pretty quiet til noon or so. We're right near the RV/Zone showers and Janes. There is hardly ever a wait for showers (and if it is, it's a few minutes max). We have great theme parties every night. We have fabulous rainbow tikis in the main party area and a big, friendly fire pit. In recent years more women have been bringing instruments to the fire pit (drums, fiddles, mandolins, guitars, etc).

It IS a bit of a walk to downtown...I walk at a decent pace and it takes me 15-25 min depending on how I'm feeling that day :) If you DO walk you can take lovely quiet paths through the woods or along Lois Lane. The RV shuttle stop is very close, though, if you prefer to do that.

The Zone is not crowded and mostly shady, so there are many lovely places to spread out your camp. Also, we are the only camping area (as far as I know) that has a neighborhood meeting at the beginning of fest. We all gather together and meet everyone, and then discuss party planning, clean up, logistics, safety, and our motto of pro-sisterly love.

If you have any questions about the Zone feel free to ask! :)

Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:20 pm
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When I was younger I camped in Bread & Roses, for all the good reasons that EJ mentioned (as well as the history of that phrase in the labor movement). Now I'm eligible for Over 50's--close in to downtown, with either a pleasant walk through the woods to Kitchen, Night Stage, etc., or wait for the Crosstown Shuttle at the bus stop. Also close to showers over by WOC.

Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:28 pm

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I stayed in DART my first year, my dear friend needed extra help. Now I stay in over 50's. Like Elaine said and more. I love being near day stage, night stage, kitchen, DOWNTOWN livin', but most important, shopping at Craft's,

For one week of the year I live in the enchanted forest!

Thank you Bim and all her fairy helpers


Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:12 pm

Joined: Thu Nov 09, 2006 2:24 pm
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I camped in Soloes my first six years, and Bush Gardens last year. This year I'm bringing my partner and we are going to camp on the edge of Jupiter jump off. We are bringing a 'bathroom tent" so I want to be close to the road. I don't want to have our bathroom tent in the middle of everything.

Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:41 pm
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For many years I camped as far out into Jupiter Jump off as I could--hoping to not be able to see or hear another tent. Camping is about being out in the woods, right? Very quiet, but I loved being able to hear the drums. A long walk to and from. Surrounded by green is fabulous.

Then came the kids years. Did family camping, then brother sun. convenient for the kids, but Bro Sun is one heck of a hike. Loved the camping from the back of the van. Loved the Bro Sun crew.

Now I'm in my "save your energy for the fun stuff" years, and camp as close in as possible. (Usually near the Vortex) I really really love it! Disadvantages: HATE hearing the poop suckers. Reefer trucks are also audible, but not so annoying, always crossing guy wires with the neighbors. LOVE: hearing sound checks, being able to pop in to grab something I left whenever I want. just a short walk anywhere ('cept Zone) Love the Gaia showers, over 40's tent, Saints by Day, Day Stage, Crafts, Night stage, kitchen--I swear they all seem just a few steps away, depending if I take a trail that heads NorthEast, East or SouthWest. And I've found I don't mind close-in neighbors at all!! Ear plugs are a must for sleeping, but it's always cheery running into familiar faces!

Fri May 03, 2013 4:48 pm

Joined: Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:48 pm
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Dart Downtown!!!!! what a blessed space. MY first year was 2010 I camped with a friend(now ex) a partner (now ex) and friends of friend. found myself always on the wrong side of where i wanted to be. so i walked and explored and last year I camped in dart right with the moon sisters who gladly accepted my little tent near the dart office tent. I love dart. was square in to everything. :)next choice would be over 50 the noise simply did not seem like noise to me.

Sat May 04, 2013 4:19 pm

Joined: Thu Apr 15, 2010 7:23 pm
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I have almost always camped in Bush Gardens and have mostly enjoyed it. People there have complete disregard to the ten-foot distance between tents though. I have even had women throw their dirty laundry on my little clothesline to the point that I had no room for my own towel when i returned from showering. One year a tent was pitched right on the walking path and less than a foot from my own, because, it was discovered, I had pitched my tent in their spot. So it can get very territorial. I guess I just don't get that. I like pitching in a new spot each year.

Last year I tried camping in Over 50s, right behind the womb. I had some very nice womyn camp an unbearably close distance to my tent with a very young baby that cried during the night and especially early in the morning - like 4:00am! Now, granted, it looked like one of the four womyn in the group was over 50, but most weren't. So I don't think I will try that area again.

One year I camped in the Crafts camping area. Holy smokes! Nightly parades of raccoons. Their footsteps were so loud that I thought it was people stomping past my tent!

So, this year......I am considering some new locations. It seems that the friendlier, more easy-going types are camped further out. I am pretty sure that is where I will be this year. .... Further out. And in the trees.

Sun May 05, 2013 11:26 am
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There's lots of quiet and distance between tents up in the woods past 'meditation circle' - the farther up you go the more remote. As I get younger and younger I find that I have to camp closer to the tree line, tho. It's quite a hike.

Sun May 05, 2013 1:14 pm
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I camp in RV, which seems to be getting busier every year. I generally "pack for the day" as it is a little far out, but as Trixie says the paths are lovely and pretty flat, and shuttles frequent and entertaining. I leave my chair wherever will be convenient to where I am going the next morning so I don't tote that back and forth. Like everywhere else there are quieter and more boisterous parts and the traffic folks can help point those out when you come in.

Sat May 11, 2013 4:21 pm

Joined: Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:48 pm
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Dart Downtown. I love being right in the thick of things and the noise is not really noise to me. I dont worry about ear plugs because those are hard to sleep in and they cause me ear problems but that is just a me preference. I am so thankful dart is available for us.


Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:11 pm

Joined: Sat May 18, 2013 10:00 pm
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My 1st I was camped in what is now the Zone. it wasn't then, the next 2 years 83 and 84 I camped in workerville, didn't like that cause it was too loud. I then moved to Bush Gardens and camped there for several years and then moved across the street to Bread and Roses and have been there ever since. This year I need electricity so have to move to DART Downtown. We'll see how that goes. I lots of friends there and I always sleep with ear plugs even at home.

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Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:19 pm

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I usually camp up the hill along the path between Bread and Roses and Jupiter Jumpoff, on the JJ side. It's not far from Triangle, and reasonably quiet, with Triangle and Drum Central drumming audible (unless it's really windy) but not so loud as to keep me from sleeping.

My biggest issue last year was that the spot with the ideal trees for my tarp also had fairy rings. Heeding Artemis's suggestion of caution around fairy rings, it did make setup more complex.

Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:42 am

Joined: Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:16 pm
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I camp between Bread and Roses and Jupiter Jumpoff near the top of the hill. It is fairly sparse at the beginning of the week, but fills up by Wednesday. Most of us camp in the same spots, but I can't imagine anyone being hostile toward someone who got to a spot before them! We actually go quite far up where there are less tents since it is a hike to carry stuff up. We use a couple of carts and wagons. Same with hauling ice and water throughout the week. Like some mentioned in earlier comments you can hear drum circle clear enough to be lulled to sleep. It is also very close to the workshop meadow. We usually cook breakfast at our campsite rather than take the long walk to the kitchen.
Last year I took a walk at dusk down Easy Street (took one of the trails near the payphones to it) and there seemed to be lots of spacious, quiet camping spots in the Solanas Ferns and Crone Heights areas. It's really not far from the kitchen, night and acoustic stage since you cut through the woods - a very pleasant stroll. Also, if you were to keep stuff in your car, you can get to it pretty quickly from this area. I don't know what the shower and Janes positioning are in those areas. I did love seeing the fire pits, though. None of that in the Triangle area!

Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:02 pm
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