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Folks flying to Fest 
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This is what I bring when I fly (besides clothes, of course):

sleeping bag
sticky roller
tarp for ground cloth
tent light/fan w/ 4 "D" batteries
memory foam topper
standing storage
clear drop cloth and binder clips, for tarp

AA batteries (4)
alarm clock
dish sponge
food container w/ cover, utensils
large yogurt container for peeing in tent
sleep mask
tissue packs (2)
Zip-lock assortment
camp towels

folding chair
small ground cloth, pegs (single)
medium ground cloth (double)
black duffel
fleece blanket

trail mix
Via packets & CoffeeMate

Mon Jun 10, 2013 7:02 am

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What is the sticky roller for, IYD? I have also switched to VIA coffee packets. There is finally an instant coffee available that even comes close to dark roast drip I love so much. I have found that the trick to the best experience is super hot water to dissolve the micro brew throughly..

Also when I fly, I get everything into a large duffle that some of my fest sisters have dubbed "the body bag" b/c is so large I could fit myself in it, and a plastic storage tub that doubles as a camp table when get set up. My NOLA buddy taught me this trick and how to secure it to pass muster with the TSA. Both pieces are under 60lbs each.

Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:13 am

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I have been flying to fest for at least 15 fests out of a total of 21 fests. I have two bags I check - a duffel bag of gear I bungee to an old-school folding cart - and - a rolling suitcase with wheels (with wheels big enough not to get mired in woodchips - this is important, womyn! ;o). The bags usually come in around 45 lbs. each. I carry my chair separately as a personal item (collapsable REI short chair in a bag and I sling it over my shoulder) and carry a very large day pack on my back. I can get everything to my campsite from the shuttle in one trip by myself without needing a cart - I push one bag in front of me and pull the other behind me with my pack on my back.

I carry the D cell batteries I bring (some years I buy them at the Cuntree Store) in my pack because they are small but heavy - they are for the pump to blow up my air mattress and for my tent fan (made by Coleman, with a strong magnet that secures it between tent and rainfly - I adore it, got it 2 years ago). I also carry my water bottle with me (empty thru security) so I can get to it easily once on the Land, or even in the airport after I pass thru security. Just about all my other gear goes into the duffel, including tent, air mattress, tarps, sleeping bag, etc. It is definitely a "body bag" kind of duffel. ;o)

Things I have learned over the years:

-A Neat Sheet (made by Rubbermaid, water resistant, machine washable, weighted on sides/corners) is lighter and easier to deal with than a tarp at stages. It is also more comfortable to lay down on, when I want to get out of that chair. I bought a few extras in case they ever stop making them. ;o)

-Tarps are never wasted, Fest always needs tarps. I buy two new tarps every year, use them, then donate them to fest. I do not need wet tarps in my luggage, and getting them to fold down small again is nearly impossible.

-Extra ziploc bags weigh next to nothing, take up little space and are very useful.

-Collect a few huge plastic shopping bags (the ginormous ones you can get at places like Bed Bath and Beyonce (as we call it ;o)) over the year and use them when packing clothes in your luggage to keep the damp out. You can pack the clothes in them, or just tuck them in neatly on top, but they keep my clothes dry all fest...and they are free. I tuck a couple into the front of my day pack too - if it rains, I pop my pack into the huge bag and it stays dry, even if I stay and listen for the rest of the stage. Again, they take up no space/weight.

-I always buy a shirt or two at fest, and if it is really hot, I don't wear many shirts at all...I pack less t-shirts than I need for the week. One tank top is enough - if it is hot enough to wear, I often don't wear anything, but I like bring one in case I work a shift at Orientation, where you have to have a shirt on.

-I put my traveling shorts, clean undies/socks/shirt in a large zip lock bag - my clothes to go home in are always dry and clean - even if my tent leaks (which it does not, but ya never know).

-I take my thinnest threadbare old towel to fest and toss it at the end. Sometimes I go buy a really cheap one (thin=light) and bring that - I don't need a wet towel in my luggage on the way home.

-I bought a baseball cap with built-in led lights in the brim. I do not need another flashlight or a lamp to read by in my tent, the hat is a great multitasker. Plus, I have hands-free light in the Janes. I love that hat.

-I bring a small sample biodegradable soap, and use up any sample packets of biodegradable shampoo, lotion, toothpaste I might have collected over the year.

-Return address labels make the Raffle process a lot easier. Because you should be buying them 20 at a time to help out fest, right? ;o)

-Fleece wins over flannel for warmth and dryness. The $15 spent on a fleece sleeping bag liner (which is sometimes all I use anyway) is money well spent. Spread it out over your sleeping bag/mattress when you leave the tent and it keeps your bed dry. Pack a layer for your body (pants/shirt) and a hat too - and chances are good that you will be able to keep yourself warm, even if you sleep alone and even if it gets below 40 degrees at night.

-Sheets for the air mattress are a waste of space/weight if you use a sleeping bag and liner.

-Those large mesh anti-skid mats they make to put under rugs work great keeping your mattress from sliding around your tent floor...and they weight almost nothing.

-Bike shorts take up little room, but are great in case you need an extra pair of shorts, or want to wear a sarong and don't want your thighs to chafe in the hot humid MI summer.

-Leggings can serve as pants, pajamas, and long undies under jeans - and also do not take up much space/weight (unlike jeans - I wear a pair and bring a pair and that's it)

-Extra socks are always worth the space they take up.

-One turtleneck is enough - if it is that cold, you are probably wearing another shirt under it and you sure aren't sweating in it, just wear it again.

-Bandanas are useful and light/small and they can be washed with regular soap/water and dry quickly suspended from your tent or a tree in the sun. They keep you cool when wet down with water, work great as napkins at meals, keep your hair back if you need that, etc. Bring at least 2-3 of them.

-Splitting up the packing list helps to organize the process. I always leave space for the "to do" and "to buy" stuff. I store my gear in my duffel so I am mostly packed on that front.

-Some years, I just budget for it and buy snacks on the Land...but it really is cheaper to bring snacks, especially if you want to share.

Here's my packing list (and yes, to do/to buy is always a column for me ;o):

Neat Sheet
Fleece Liner
Wash cloth
Bungee cords
Shave cream/razors
Bug stuff
Big plastic bags
Return address labels
Bag balm
Entrance Mat/anti-slip mat
Meds (+ OTC)
Tampons/pads ??
Water bottle
Air mattress/pump
Sleeping bag

bike shorts (2)
underwear (12)
socks (12)
shorts (3-5)
t-shirts (4)
L/S shirts (2)
fleece shirts (2)
fleece sweats
leggings (2)
tank top
long undies (2)/top
bandana (2-3)
flip flops
rain pants/jacket

-seam seal and spray tent?

-tarps (2/8x10)

-batteries/lights in hat
-maybe new sleeping bag?

I hope this helps anyone that needs this info. I go to fest solo and I am not a minimalist, I know, but I have a pretty comfy set-up for someone that flies. The only things I miss are a regular sized chair at my camp site and a tent I can stand up in. These are too big/cumbersome/heavy for me to fly with. If you go with another person that you share a tent/gear with, then you can pack a duffel with gear, each have a bag of clothes and then have an entire extra bag for gear/food/larger chairs/bigger air mattress/bigger tent, etc.

Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:37 pm

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Thanks Jillith - some really good perspectives on what and why to pack certain things.

Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:24 pm
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Artemis, the sticky roller replaces a dustpan and whisk for my tent floor. It keeps it less grungy during the week, and I give the floor a good going-over before I roll up my sweet little tent for next year...

Return address labels are a must for your raffle tix, even if Rampy will skewer you from Night Stage for using them...

Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:38 pm

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.. You gotta be in it to win it, as they say here about the NY State lottery.. I've been skewered by the best for using return address labels; accused of witchcraft (which I can not deny), sleeping with the raffle gals (which I can deny, on a technicality), and down right cheating (which I vehemently deny), but I win don't I? An especially memorable flame from the stage was by Marga Gomez, a new yorker, who knew exactly where I lived because of my address and proceeded to bag on my subway line..

Cat Furby for President!!

Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:04 pm

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21 Fests, a bazillion raffle tickets, and only one win...a hot pink and purple corduroy cap, circa 1992 or something like that. I will never get rid of it, as it is the only raffle I have ever won at Fest...but hell no, I am not gonna wear it either.

Hey, it was beautifully made by the wonderful hands of a fabulous craftswomon!! I was happy to have even won something!

And it just occurred to me that since I gave up my apartment in April, I have no labels... Hmmmm, let's see what labels are available in the supply room at work this quiet Friday, shall we? ;o)

Fri Jun 14, 2013 12:17 pm

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I still have my one raffle win - a beautiful ceramic plaque of a face appearing through a tree. I also have no labels but I do have one of those address stamp-ie things - it's light enough to stick in my back pack. I also use it at the train station for my luggage tags.

Fri Jun 14, 2013 12:46 pm
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OK, I am ready, I just printed out a sheet of 30 labels.


Fri Jun 14, 2013 2:45 pm

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I've actually won a few times, once in the olden days and twice fairly recently. Mostly Fest tchotkes, but also a lovely necklace from Crafts. I'm never there when they call my name, interestingly. I always check the boards where the winners are posted, tho!

Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:13 pm

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Just a reminder for our newer sisters that also fly...make sure you pack your bags with enough leeway in the weight limit.

If your bags have to be 50lbs max, shoot for 40-45lbs. Never underestimate the increase in poundage post-Fest from humidity, sweat and dirt when you return adds up!

Don't give any more money to the airlines than you have to! ;o)

Wed Jul 31, 2013 4:39 pm

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Jillith- great list. Lots of overlap with mine, posted on Less Gear This Year- another place to check for ideas.
Those who don't tent often might also check my Tent Tips post. This BB is such a great place to share information!

Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:47 pm

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Every year I go over the list again to see what I can live without. But honestly, this list has been pretty static for me over the last several years. Can't really find anything else to cut.

I am not a minimalist, though I often wish I could be! ;o)

Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:55 pm
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