2015 Airport and Shuttle Information

The Festival provides a scheduled shuttle between the Grand Rapids, Michigan airport and the Festival site by pre-registration, for womyn arriving via plane, bus or train. Grand Rapids is the closest major airport to the Festival site, and the only airport we service with our Festival shuttle.

It is at least a two-hour drive between Grand Rapids and the Festival site. We schedule shuttles in order to allow time for you to arrive, go through Orientation and set up camp before dark. To utilize the Festival shuttle service, please plan your travel to match the shuttle times listed below. We cannot provide shuttle service at times other than those listed. Otherwise, you do have the option to arrange for a car rental or overnight housing in Grand Rapids to meet the next day's shuttle.

Allow at least 45 minutes from the time of your arrival in Grand Rapids to a scheduled shuttle departure. This will give you time to deplane, collect luggage, and board the bus. Shuttle buses will not wait for late arriving passengers. Upon receipt of your reservation form, we will schedule you on the appropriate bus. Please note the July 11th deadline for submitting your shuttle form; all shuttles will be booked on a space-available basis after July 11th.

Shuttles Leave Grand Rapids Airport for Festival
Allow 45 minutes from flight arrival to Shuttle departure.
Arrive Festival 2½ hours after Grand Rapids departure
Monday, 8/3/15: 12 Noon
1:00 pm
3:00 pm
Tuesday, 8/4/15: 3:00pm
Wednesday, 8/5/15: 3:00pm
Meet Festival Shuttle outside the far right exit from the baggage claim area.

Shuttles Leave Festival for Grand Rapids Airport:
Allow 3½ hours from Festival departure to flight departure
Sunday, 8/9/15: 1:00 pm
Monday, 8/10/15: 9:00 am
12 Noon
3:00 pm
Meet at the Front Gate at least one hour before shuttle departure time.

You can book flights with Delta with a special Festival discount of 2-10% off various fares. Call Conlin Travel at 800-443-8732 (a service charge will apply), or go to Delta.com, select Advanced Search, and then enter NMKE4 in the Meeting Event Code box.

Reserved shuttle fare is $45 each way per passenger.

To reserve a shuttle seat, payment is due in advance in the form of a money order or cashiers check payable to WWTMC, or by MC/Visa. Sorry, but we do not accept personal checks.

There are no refunds for shuttle fares.

If there is room at the time of departure, we will accept one-way "walk-ons" for a $50, cash-only fare.

WWTMC is not responsible for your transportation if you miss your flight or if you miss the shuttle bus.

We will mail your shuttle tickets to you once we have confirmed your reservation. Seats are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

There is room on the shuttle for up to two pieces of luggage (each weighing 50 pounds or less, please!) per womon. Both pieces should be no larger than a large suitcase. Please pack accordingly as we have to hold to this guideline.

Late arrivals in Grand Rapids:
If you arrange a flight that arrives in Grand Rapids after 2:15pm on Monday or Tuesday, you will need to either arrange overnight housing in Grand Rapids and meet the earliest shuttle on the following day, or rent a car and drive to the Festival site. There are no shuttles past 3:00pm on Wednesday.

There will be a daily shuttle schedule posted at the Grand Rapids airport that will be available for on the spot reference.

Departure from Festival:
The day before you leave the Festival, it is important to double-check the posted shuttle schedule at the Community Center. Last minute flight changes from the airlines sometimes cause changes in shuttle departure times, and we will be posting any changes that may affect bus departures. You need to have at least 3 1/2 hours from the time of the shuttle bus departure from the Front Gate to your airport flight departure.

Car rental options (at Grand Rapids airport):
  Hertz 800-654-3131
  National 800-227-7368
  Budget 800-527-0700

Motels near Grand Rapids Airport that have airport shuttles and nearby restaurants

Amtrak: 800-872-7245
If you arrive on the 10:30pm train in Grand Rapids, you will need to spend the night in Grand Rapids and catch one of our shuttles the next day. There is no public bus (616-776-1100 for public bus info) that runs after 6pm, so it would be best to take a taxi to one of the motels that provide shuttle service to the airport. The taxi fare is approximately $35. Calder Cab: 616-454-8080

Greyhound Bus: 800-231-2222
If you arrive by bus no later than 1:15pm on Monday and Tuesday, it is possible to take a public bus from the Grand Rapids Greyhound terminal to the Grand Rapids airport and catch the 3:00pm Festival shuttle. The bus fee is approximately $1.50 (use transfer slips for bus changes). Take the following routes:
From Greyhound - The #5 or #6 bus south to Woodland Mall Stop (35 minute ride).
From Woodland Mall - The #17 bus south to the airport (25 minute ride).

Taxi fare is approximately $35. If you arrive after our scheduled shuttles you will have to overnight in Grand Rapids and catch our morning shuttle. Calder Cab: 616-454-8080

For directions to the site by car, you can call or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
Box 22
Walhalla, MI 49458

Download the Shuttle Reservation Form

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